Mindful Eating with a Registered Dietitian; designed to empower you. With nutrition advice but more importantly, the skills to change your own behaviour. You know what’s healthy and what’s not. It’s not rocket science! You know you’d feel better if you ate differently.

Knowing, doesn’t make it any easier!

Have you ever noticed that;
  • You’ve eaten something but hardly remember it
  • You went from starving to stuffed in no time
  • You reached for another sweet, only to feel the bottom of an empty bag
  • You feel full but lack energy or drive
  • You know what to do, but don’t get around to it / don’t stick to it
What if…
  • You could enjoy your food.
  • You could eat what you want.
  • You could eat what your body needs.
What if, you were more aware of what and why you were eating.  If, just that awareness, could change how and what you eat.

“Finish what’s on your plate…”

“I spent hours making that for you’”

“One more won’t do you any harm”

“Go on, it’s Christmas”

Take back control, let go of external influences! You can feel better, stronger, happier and more fulfilled. In your mind, belly, body and life! Start with a look at my Free Resources or get in touch for more information.