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Online Mindful Eating Course COMING SOON.

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Yoga Classes

Get your Hump-Day started with my early Morning Yoga Flow, Wednesday 7-8am. It’s the best way to start the day!

– Breath work exercises 
– Learn the fundamental yoga poses 
– Improve your flexibility & mobility 
– Give back to your body Who Can join? 
This class is suitable for all levels and you do not need to be good at yoga to gain benefits from this flowing mobility class. Book your spot on Physiofit Nenagh booking page.

Or join my Thursday 6pm Yoga Nutrition class, Nenagh. I’m very excited about this one!

Yoga & Nutrition combines a flowing yoga sequence with a weekly nutrition topic. This is a 75 minute class mixed-level class. We will start with 10 minutes dedicated to Nutrition and progress through a mindful yoga sequence. Each week we focus on a specific topic to nourish the body. We will bring awareness to the physical sensations associated with eating and how the body responds. This will improve your strength, flexibility and draw your attention to the signals your body gives you. Other benefits of this class include:
-Improve fitness.
-Learn to move mindfully, with a mind, body, breath connection.
-Reduce stress, pressure and negative thoughts associated with eating.
-Bring awareness to external factors that influence eating (why our eating is not in alignment with how we would like).
-Change your mindset around the idea of ‘diet’.
-Explore the process of gut symptoms and food intolerance. Learn how yoga and nutrition can minimise these.
-Practice mindfulness and how this can be taken from the yoga mat to the kitchen.
-Improve your mood, through yoga and the latest nutrition research.
-Build mental strength & resilience.
-Meet like-minded people
-Nourish your body in a kind and holistic way.


Public Yoga / Nutrition Workshops will be advertised here but to stay up-to-date, keep an idea on Facebook or Instagram to hear the latest. For a private workshop, please contact me directly. Private nutrition workshops are particularly suited to yoga teachers, personal trainers or anyone else working in health and fitness. The focus will be on your client group. We’ll discuss nutrition pit-falls you may face, along with current trends in the nutrition industry. Common medical conditions you might encounter such as Diabetes, Heart conditions, gastrointestinal problems can also be discussed. Corporate bookings for yoga and/or nutrition can also be discussed. Mindful eating workshops can be delivered on request. It’s best for us to speak in person about any areas in particular you’d like covered.