There are two aspects to eating well. Knowing what to eat and eating it!  Knowing what to eat!
  • Do you need individualised advice on portion sizes or exactly what you should be eating for your age, weight or lifestyle?
  • Maybe you have specific questions about how food relates to a medical condition? For example, what foods increase cholesterol / blood pressure / sugar levels. Or what foods should be eaten/avoided with conditions such as arthritis, PCOS, COPD, diabetes, IBS, IBD or cancer?
If so, an individualised Dietetic appointment can answer any questions you might have and will give you a detailed, tailored nutrition plan. Eating it! Sometimes knowing what to eat is the easy part, sticking to the plan is the hard part. If you would like support and accountability to achieve your nutrition goals, you might consider a nutrition package. It’s particularly suited to those looking to lose weight, improve diabetes control, or improve digestive symptoms. The nutrition package is designed to empower you. It includes nutrition advice tailored to you, but more importantly, the support to change your eating behaviour.

Knowing what to eat, doesn’t always make it any easier!

Have you ever noticed;
  • You ate something but hardly remember it
  • In 20 minutes you go from starving to stuffed
  • Feeling the lonely bottom of the empty bag of sweets or crisps
  • A lack energy or drive
  • You know what to do, but don’t get around to it / don’t stick to it
What if, you were more aware of what and why you were eating. If, this awareness, could change how and what you eat.

“Finish what’s on your plate…”

“I spent hours making that for you’”

“One more won’t do you any harm”

“Go on, it’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween, your birthday, my birthday, summer, cold out…”
Most of us have spent a lifetime eating without thinking about it. These habits from childhood, our parents, friends and colleagues, alongside clever marketing, influence how, when and why we eat. Why not, take back control? Let go of those external influences! You will feel more energised, stronger, happier and more fulfilled. If you would like a one-to-one appointment for expert nutrition advice or you think you would benefit from a nutrition package, take a look at my Free Resources or get in touch for more information.